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Costa Bingo's Facebook Fans Page Spread, Share, and Feel the Love

Website host 'Sunny' invited fans to submit their most romantic poetry and the responses were overwhelming.

"It was amazing," said Sunny. "Even though we picked a pair of winners for the competition, our lovely fans kept sending in more and more poetry. It was like a Terminator of Love.

"We've had all sorts of the different poetry from the saucy limerick to the fully-fledged multi-verse poem. There's some real talent out there," said the Costa Bingo mascot.

The fans page also invited its readers to nominate their Valentines and give the reasons why. The response was both moving and popular with dozens of fans eager to make an online declaration of love.

"Even though we invited people to nominate the likes of Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp as their 'perfect' Valentine date, we ended up with some really lovely tributes. A lot of people ended up nominating their long term partner as the one they would like to spend Valentine's Day," said Costa Bingo room manager Debbie Gent.

"As well as the jokey stories, there were some really moving tales about support from a loved one when coping with illness and the loss of a loved one. It's very easy to forget that Valentine's Day can bring back difficult memories for some people," she said.

This week, the online fans site has promised to get away from the love zone, as Sunny explains: "It's all been very loved up on the Costa Bingo Facebook fans page lately and it's been absolutely fantastic. However, all good things must come to an end so I think we are going to have some fun and games this week and get back to bingo basics," he said.

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Published: Monday, 15th February 2010 2:24:36 pm

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