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'Fat Ladies' Bingo Lingo Debate Rolls On

Sudbury Town Council has slapped a ban on the two highly charged phrases for fear it might offend either a pair of obese women or someone with a pair of highly visible legs.

Former mayor John Sayers, who runs the weekly bingo night at the town hall, has been advised to stop using these phrases in case someone sues.

Although, up until now, absolutely no one had ever complained about the highly sensitive phrases, now players won't stop moaning about how boring the new style of bingo has become.

Sudbury Town Council said it had issued the advice due to legal concerns.

Sue Brotherwood, Sudbury Town Council clerk, said: "We hear these things, of people being sued because of it, and obviously we have to take it on board. It's very sad that everyone seems to have lost their sense of humour."

The story has been picked up by the national press and the Plain English Campaign who all agree this is a prime example of political correctness gone mad.

A spokesman for the Plain English Campaign, which calls for an end to jargon, said: "Although banning bingo terms may sound quite humorous at first, it does have very serious implications. Political correctness was something that was bought in to establish fairness and equality, but it has in fact taken things to the other extreme."

Since the ban, numbers at the Sudbury Town Hall game have dropped dramatically and Mr Sayers is said to be 'disappointed'.

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Published: Monday, 4th January 2010 1:00:55 pm

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