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Online Bingo Has More Male Fans Than Ever

Online bingo has recently experienced a surge in popularity, but it is not only the result of the bingo tax, forcing land-based fans to make a technological shift. Online bingo has accrued many new fans, who would not normally visit a land based bingo hall, namely men.

1 in 5 online bingo players is male, an astronomical statistic, considering that in land-based bingo halls the only males seen are either the caller or the bartender. The online bingo industry's worth is estimated at somewhere around £600 million, with male player's accounting for 17% of the total. The majority of male players are between 26-45 years old, dispelling the popular myth that bingo is a game for senior citizens. 46-66-year-olds and 18-25-year-olds represent similar proportions of the male bingo population.

Bingo is a very social game, so this influx of male players is hugely welcome. In land-based halls, men can be somewhat intimidated, very much in the same way that women can experience some anxiety when sitting down at a poker table. Online, however, female players are very accommodating to male players. This growing number of men opens up the online bingo community to a much wider audience.

Many online bingo operators are catering to this emerging trend. The days of pink and pastel web designs seems to be fading, as operators tend to use more neutral themes to make male players feel more at home. Advertisements, as well, seem to be geared toward both genders, letting male players know that they are just as welcome to play online bingo as their female counterparts!

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Published: Tuesday, 13th October 2009 10:43:05 am

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