Summer is almost over, roomies, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop shining! I’ve got five 2p games ready for you, and I’m giving away as much as £70 in every single game. All you have to do to win it all is show me your Bingo Factor – are you up for it?

Now, we all know it takes a little something extra special to make it in the entertainment industry – a zing, a pang, something to make you stand out! But that’s not just limited to entertaining, now is it, roomies? I think you also need a little oomph to be a Bingo winner, and I like to call that The Bingo Factor!

Now, I’m going to give you FIVE different chances to show your Bingo Factor, and have it multiply your cash win! I’ve set up five 75-ball games for you and I’m giving away up to £350 real cash in total!

August 6th 10:30PM 2p WIN £10 x Bingo Factor!
August 8th 10:30PM 2p WIN £10 x Bingo Factor!
August 10th 10:30PM 2p WIN £10 x Bingo Factor!
August 13th 10:30PM 2p WIN £10 x Bingo Factor!
August 16th 10:30PM 2p WIN £10 x Bingo Factor!

I bet you’re wondering just what your Bingo Factor is – right, roomies? Your Bingo Factor can change from one game to the next, as it represents the first digit of the number you’re Bingo-ing on! For example:

Bingo on 15 WIN £10
Bingo on 22 WIN 2 x £10 (£20)
Bingo on 35 WIN 3 x £10 (£30)
Bingo on 43 WIN 4 x £10 (£40)
Bingo on 52 WIN 5 x £10 (£50)
Bingo on 61 WIN 6 x £10 (£60)
Bingo on 73 WIN 7 x £10 (£70)

If you Bingo on number 15 – young and keen – then your Bingo Factor would be 1, and you would win £10 for the game. If, on the other hand, you Bingo on number 73 – crutch and a flea – then you have a lovely Bingo Factor of 7, meaning you would win a whopping £70 for that game! What will be your Bingo factor?

GL, roomies!



  1. Promotion period is from 6th August to 16th August 2015
  2. The prize for each 75-ball game is £10 bonus cash multiplied by the first digit of the bingo call. For example if the player bingo’s on 62 then the prize is (6 x £10) £60. If the player bingo’s on 32 the prize is (3 x £10) £30.
  3. Only funded players are eligible for the promotion.
  4. All winnings will be credited within 48 hours of the game finishing.
  5. In the case of multiple winners, the players will receive a share of their eligible prize. For example if 2 players win – they would each receive £5 multiplied the first digit of the number they bingo’d on. Three players would receive £3.33 (multiplied the first digit of the number they bingo’d on), 4 would receive £2.50 (multiplied the first digit of the number they bingo’d on) and so on.
  6. The Company reserves the right to make changes to any aspect of the promotion as it sees fit.
  7. By accepting any prize/and or winnings form the Company, promotion winners consent to the use of their full name, the city in which they live, photographs and filming of them and will also provide commentary about winning the prize for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.
  8. General terms and conditions apply