Bingo Ball Glossary

What exactly does "Kelly's eye" mean? Just what is "Ethel's ear"? And who's a "monkey's cousin"? If your response to all these bingo-related questions is "no idea", then fret no longer...

For those answers and more, check out this fun glossary. Not only is it a definitive list of all those rather confusing bingo terms, but there is also a handy caption explaining how each number got its own unique call.

The glossary is an amazing resource for both new and experienced bingo players. It shows how bingo call outs have touched every corner of British society, and have been influenced by cockney rhyming slang, archaic war time expressions, and even famous faces like Booby Moore and the Bee Gees.

So if you have ever wondered why the 33 ball is sometimes called "Sherwood Forest", or you would like to know what number "P.C.", "a flea in heaven", or "one score" refers to, then read on.


Bingo Lingo

Bingo calls are phrases that either rhyme with the number or have an association with that number. Some of the most famous bingo calls are well known even to non-bingo players, such as two little ducks, legs eleven, two fat ladies and clickety click. Every single number has its own call and there are many local variations to add to the mix.

Bingo calls also change over time to fit in with popular culture, so calls in bingo halls today may include references to pop stars or actors, then next year these might drop out of fashion and new ones might be coined. All these call variations give some added entertainment as you wait for your numbers to come in!

90 ball bingo calls will often differ from the calls you hear in the 75 ball rooms. For example, 45 is only 'half way there' in a 90 ball game and wouldn't make sense in 75 ball! One call can also lead to another related one, such as 18 'coming of age' and 21 'key of the door', or 16 'never been kissed' and 17 'often been kissed'.

In traditional bingo halls, the bingo calls added to the fun atmosphere and this lively social aspect is very much a part of the online game. Chat rooms offer players the chance to talk to other roomies with friendly chat hosts answering questions, running chat games and giving out prizes. Bingo calls often appear in chat too so look out for some fun variations.

All the fun bingo calls you hear in a game are part of the lively social atmosphere and friendly spirit that bingo games are so famous for - and whether you're waiting for a 'bunch of fives' or 'the Brighton line' it's all 'tickety boo' when your number comes in here at Costa Bingo!

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