The more you win, the bigger the JP!

Fancy winning a share of a whopping £12,000 this Movember?! Get your reels spinning and win free cards for the big bingo final where there’s up to £12,000 cash to be won! The more you roomies win on slots together, the more you stand to win in the big final! Plus, the top 10 spinners on my Movember Millions Leaderboard will aso share £500 cash!

It doesn’t matter whether you can grow one or whether not, because I’m growing a moustache for you in honour of Movember – the men’s cancer charity!

The more money you roomies win on slots from the 1st to the 29th of November, the bushier my moustache will get and the more money you can win in the big 75-ball bingo final on 30th November at 10.30pm! Not only does the JP go up the more you win on the reels, for every £20 you win, you’ll get 1 free card to the final!

The game is 75-ball with 1TG and 2TG for loads of ways to win big! Plus, every roomie that doesn’t land a bingo will still walk away with at least £1... so it’s a win-win situation! Here’s how much you could bank:


Won by Costa Players Since 1st November 2015 Jackpot Amount
10 Million £3000
16 Million £5000
20 Million £8000
24 Million £10,000
25 Million £12,000


  1. Promotion runs from 1st November to 30th November
  2. The Movember Millions final takes place at 10.30pm on Monday 30th November 2015
  3. Only funded players are eligible for the promotion.
  4. The final will be 75 ball with 1TG and 2TG winners
  5. Players can earn 1 free card for every £20 won during the promotion period on slots and instant gaming.
  6. £2500 of final total jackpot amount will be paid in real cash to the full house winner
  7. £1500 of final total jackpot amount will be paid in bonus cash split between all 1TG winners
  8. £1000 of final total jackpot amount will be paid in bonus cash split between all 2TG winners
  9. The remaining jackpot amount will be shared equally amongst the non-winners (minimum of £1 bonus cash guaranteed)
  10. If the final jackpot amount is £12,000 then the full house winner will receive £2,500 real cash.
  11. The final jackpot amount depends on the total amount won between 1st Nov and 29th Nov 2015 on Slots and Instant games
  12. All winnings will be credited within 48 hours of the game finishing (including the leaderboard top 10)
  13. Cards for the final will be allocated on Monday 30th November before 6pm
  14. Cards for the final can also be purchased in the diamond club (10 diamonds each) or in the lobby (£5 each).
  15. Maximum amount of cards for the final is 96
  16. In the case of multiple winners, the cash alternative shall be shared equally.
  17. No refund will be given to players for cards bought via the lobby, if the free cards earned cannot be allocated.
  18. The Company reserves the right to make changes to any aspect of the promotion as it sees fit.
  19. By accepting any prize/and or winnings form the Company, promotion winners consent to the use of their full name, the city in which they live, photographs and filming of them and will also provide commentary about winning the prize for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.
  20. General Terms & Conditions Apply