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While 90-ball and 75-ball games might be the most popular, we know that our players love the thrill of variety and fresh new bingo experiences! That’s where 5-line bingo comes in.

5-line bingo —also called 75-25 bingo— is kind of like playing 90-ball bingo with a 75-ball bingo card.

What’s more, it offers more chances of winning than any other game (five chances in total!) and you’ll have to hold onto your sunhats because it’s lightning fast!

So, how do you play 5-line bingo? We’ve created a handy list that shows you each step of the gameplay fun:

1 Players (that’s you!) buy their game cards from the Lobby.
2 The fun starts – the game begins and the caller calls out numbers randomly.
3 The player must cross off any horizontal line on their card to win! With five lines on each card, that’s five chances to win!
4 The winners are paid.
5 The game starts again from the start.

There’s no free square like in 75-ball games, so every square counts!