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Costa Bingo - The largest selection of Bingo Games Online

Costa Bingo is all about the best Bingo Games Online! We have plenty of varieties to choose from, so you never need to get bored! Cards start from just 1p, plus we've got plenty of free games and huge Jackpots!

Easy Peasy


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Top of the Shop


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Mystery Jackpot


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Most Loyal


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Long Term Loyalty


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Bingo Deal


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Funky 5M


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Flip it


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Grab a Fiver


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£1K Spring Bank Holiday


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Learn More About Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

British Bingo starts right here, with the classic 90 ball game! Best part of the game? You get three chances to win: Full House, 1Line or 2Lines!

75 Ball Bingo

Don’t knock 75 Ball Bingo just because it’s a newcomer! This game is sizzling hot, and fast as well – the first player to complete the pattern, wins!

5 Line Bingo

This exciting Bingo game variant multiplies the fun of 75 Ball Bingo five times over! It’s one of the quickest types of Bingo games out there, with 5 total winners, each getting 1Line each!

52-5 Bingo

52-5 bingo is a relatively new version of the classic bingo game. Similar to the classic bingo games, it is played with tickets shown in a different visual way per game theme.

Guaranteed Jackpots

What could be better than a guaranteed payout? Ask, roomies, and you shall receive! Play for a few pennies, and get a guaranteed minimum when you win, no matter how many other players are in the game!

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots get bigger every time you play in a qualifying room – what could be more fun? We’ve got Bingo and Slots progressive Jackpots alike, give them a shot to find your favourite!

Mystery Jackpots

If you like surprises, you’ll love our exciting Mystery Jackpots, where the prize is disclosed only 10 seconds before the game starts! What will the next jackpot be?

What are Bingo Games

Bingo is the world's most exciting social game! All players have bingo cards or tickets. 75 ball bingo features a 5 x 5 grid with 24 numbers. The centre number is gifted to players. Match horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to form winning combinations. Or, simply match the pattern to bingo.

90 ball bingo is the home favourite! These bingo tickets feature three lines with five bingo numbers and four blank spaces per line. Match one line and win a prize. Match two lines and win a bigger prize. Match three lines, and you've got a full house!

We've got many more bingo games to play at Costa Bingo. Try your luck with 5 Line Bingo, 52-5 Bingo and loads of Guaranteed Jackpots and Special Games. Excited yet? You can always bet on bingo to keep you entertained.

What makes Costa Bingo so Amazing

An online bingo room is an online bingo room, right? Nope. Costa Bingo is way different. We like to spice things up for our players. You see, we bingo better and brighter than the rest.  

Our beach-themed bingo games are a sensation across the UK. Always nice to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand with bingo. Folks, grab your swimwear, sandals and beach towels – we're heading off to enjoy bingo on the beach.

  • Specials: Costa Bingo is proud to present an exciting selection of 75 & 90 ball bingo games with generous jackpots up for grabs. In addition, our regularly scheduled games guarantee excitement around the clock.
  • Jackpots: Fancy some fun? With jackpot bingo games, Costa Bingo players can make a splash at the beach. You know it - a little luck goes a long way. Check out our jackpots for more details!
  • Buy in Bonus: Join our buy-in bonus bingo rooms. We've got 52-5 Bingo, 75 and 90 ball bingo games with fabulous buy-in bonuses. We've even got 1TG and 2TG prizes for you.
  • Free Friday 7K: Everybody's favourite day of the week at Costa Bingo – Free Friday 7K. It's worth waiting for.
  • Free Bingo Games: Ah yes! Did somebody say free bingo games? You better believe it. We've got a delightful selection of free bingo games available. Play 75 & 90 ball instantly. You can win real money with free bingo.

Remember, our bingo cards start at just a penny. That's what it takes to cash in on the action with all your favourite games. So, sign up today and make a splash!

What is Bingo

Did you know that bingo has been around since the 1500s? It began as a game called Beano. Excited players would mark called numbers on their cards against numbers drawn from an old sack.

Fast forward hundreds of years. Today all the bingo games take place online. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it's easier than ever to power up and play bingo on a PC, Mac, or mobile. You can play the best bingo games from the comforts of home or on the go – it's your call.

Bricks and mortar bingo halls are always fun, but online bingo is the way to go. Bingo is the world's most social game. Players congregate en masse in virtual bingo rooms to enjoy all the fanfare this game offers.

Bingo rules are easy to understand. Buy your bingo tickets or play free bingo games online at Costa Bingo. Then, wait for the bingo caller to get the game started. Use auto-daub functionality, or manually mark the called numbers on your bingo cards.

You're in luck if you're the first player to complete a winning bingo card! When a winning bingo ticket is verified, you are paid your winnings. In 75 ball bingo games, numbers 1 through 75 are called. In 90 ball bingo games, numbers 1 through 90 are called.

Bingo in as few calls as possible to beat the competition. Bingo calls are so much fun. You won't believe some of the outrageous calls you're about to hear. It's called bingo lingo, and it's industry jargon for every possible bingo number. Take a look at these laugh-out-loud bingo calls:

  • 1 – Kelly's Eye
  • 5 – Man Alive
  • 9 – Doctor's Orders
  • 18 – Coming-Of-Age
  • 26 – Pick and Mix
  • 29 – Rise and Shine
  • 33 – Fish, Chips & Peas
  • 37 – More Than 11
  • 40 – Life Begins
  • 43 – Down on Your Knees
  • 44 – Droopy Drawers
  • 49 – Pc
  • 54 – Clean the Floor
  • 58 – Make Them Wait
  • 64 – Red Raw
  • 67 – The Way to Heaven
  • 69 – Favourite Of Mine
  • 72 – Six Dozen
  • 79 – One More Time
  • 81 – Stop and Run
  • 84 – Seven Dozen
  • 87 – Torquay In Devon
  • 88 – Two Fat Ladies
  • 90 – Top of the Shop

There are many exciting variations of bingo calls. Play at Costa Bingo to hear them all!

How to Pick the Best Online Bingo Games

We've got fun bingo games priced at just 1p per ticket. You can pay to play bingo or play bingo games free online. Either way, you can win real money prizes. The price of bingo tickets varies from one bingo room to the next. Play 52-5 bingo, 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo or 5 line bingo at your leisure.

Do you like surprises? If so, Mystery Jackpot Bingo games are your cup of tea. Nobody knows the mystery jackpot right up until the bingo game begins. PS, you'll have to buy your bingo tickets before the game starts.

Did you know that 1TG and 2TG bingo games are available? 1TG means one number to go to form a winning bingo ticket. 2TG means two numbers to go to form a winning bingo ticket. These games give you many more chances to complete a bingo card. That's more ways for you to win a prize with other players.

Take a Tip: Play online bingo when fewer players compete for prizes. That way, you might stand a better chance of winning!