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Our friends across the pond in the USA love this variation of our traditional 90-ball bingo! It’s sizzling hot, and fast as well – the first player to complete the pattern wins!

75-ball bingo cards contain 5 rows and 5 columns, so 25 squares in total. Usually the central square is given to you for free, so your card will have 24 random numbers on it. That’s why this bingo variety is often called 75-24!

So, how do you play 75-ball bingo? We’ve created a handy list that shows you each step of the gameplay fun:

1 Players (that’s you!) buy their numbered game cards from the Lobby. The minimum is 1 card, but the more cards you purchase, the better your odds of winning!
2 The fun starts – the game begins and the caller calls out numbers randomly.
3 The first player to complete a pre-determined pattern on their card with covered numbers wins the game.
4 The winner is paid!
5 The game starts again from the start.

What’s a pre-determined pattern? It means a player needs to cover a certain pattern to win the full house prize. Usually this pattern is coverall, which means the player must cover all 24 squares, but there are as many different patterns as imagination can come up with!





The game offers players one chance to win, however the winner does indeed take it all!

Sometimes, a small prize is offered to the players that got really close to winning the FH prize. We call these 1-To-Go (1TG) and 2-To-Go (2TG).